I apologize for the long absence.

I had a relationship going and that ended. I was working three jobs, and I still am... and it sucks. I'm living with friends and that's tons of fun. I don't know... it's just been wild.

To sum everything up quickly before I have to run to work would be hard so I'm just gonna give you a few details and ramble on. I'm currently reading A Million Little Pieces which is a fantastic read.  I haven't been drawing much, but I will be, and I will go hiking and take photos soon. I have some great new photos I need to post on my portfolio soon too.

I've realized that in life the word's a person speaks to you, are absolutely meaningless. They can speak of love, and forevers, and happy endings, but their actions should be the only thing that you let communicate with you. What they do, how they do it, when and where they do it. These things will speak truth to you. Recently I learned a person who said some very nice things to me, didn't mean them at all, or at least... didn't have the courage to mean them. Either way, I'm back to writing and venting to you people. 

I apologize in advance,
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My Eyes Are Melting Like Candle Wax!!

 I just was taken to see a film I was not exactly stoked to see. But, you know... when you're broke as a god damn joke and rarely... if ever... get out of the house, you just don't turn down free movies. Well I'm here to tell you, you should very much so turn down free movies from time to time. Especially when it's fucking Dragonball: Evolution! Oh my god! It was sooooo wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a tight assed nerd where every detail must be correct. But I grew up watching that show as my after school guilty pleasure dammit, the least they could do is get one single detail correct... and my I mean ANY SINGLE DETAIL. IT WAS ALL WRONG! Not one thing was right, I was so mad! It was like someone took my childhood and set it on fire. Good lord.

Things I could be heard saying during and after the said crap fest:
"This makes no sense at all"
"You must be kidding me..."
"What the fuck did I just watch?"
"That movie actually makes it burn when you pee!"
"It was like my soul got raped, and then the video of said act was posted on youtube where it became an internet phenomenon. It was so big, that the star wars kid even took pity on my poor poor soul and came to hit it in the crotch with an ice cold sledgehammer because it was even lamer than him and must be put out of its misery."

Seriously, they got every detail of the story wrong. Don't see that movie... even if it's free. It just furthers my theory that every film with the words "Evolution", "Extreme", and "X" at the end of it's title are guaranteed pure crap.

In other news - New Photos at Http://lephotagdeabnormal.deviantart.com - (click to full view)

Listening to the SF Giants game on MLB.com - Hopefully they redeem my day after that suckfest that was that terrible film.
New Cartoons - (click to full view)

Also I have a couple new cartoons in the works coming your way. A slight venture from what you've been seeing lately. More refined and detailed, a little action and bad assness to them. I hope they tickle your fancy. One of them is a concept I've been mentally toying with for well over three years but had never managed to put to paper in a fashion that I was happy with until now, the other is a new Bunny doing another bad thing. We're moving away from murder/suicide with the bunnies now, and it's time to do some rabid bunnies, drunk bunnies, druggie bunnies, and maybe some sexually active bunnies. Be excited! Haha

Much Love children,

---------------------------------- Other Crap -
Now More Than Ever The World Needs Cartoons - Article Series:
Issue One: http://news.deviantart.com/article/73870/
Issue Two: http://news.deviantart.com/article/75730/

That's right I fell victim to the twitter craze: http://www.twitter.com/abnormous

The tale of the Dayminder

So I recently invested in a little calendar/organizer thing called a Dayminder. It's essentially a tiny spiral bound notebook with a calendar in it, where you organize your days and schedule and such. I've bought, I'd say around seven of these sort of things and never once used one more than a day... until now. It's insane how much more accomplished you feel when you actually schedule your days out. I get everything I want to get done totally and completely finished most days. I never forget to handle anything that needs to be taken care of, and I get to have fun color coding my days. I know, at least for me, organization isn't always a priority. It could be the way my brain works, since as I understand it, artists tend to have more cluttered living spaces, brains, and organizational skills. But, it is really turning my life around, I schedule everything from hikes, to work outs, to interviews, and job hunting, to my job itself. It's great.

Plus the other nice thing is now, if you ask me what I did the other day, I wrote it down. It's like a very technical diary almost. I dunno, I recommend it for anyone who is trying to change their life for the better or attempting to get in shape, or in my case, both. I lift weights every other day, job two miles the other days, and occasionally throw in a hike, some agility training, or simple squats, sit-ups, and push-ups through out the day. It's not the most amazing system in the world, granted, but it does give me more vitality, more energy, and I am thinning out more and more. 

The other great thing is, I always wanted to be more productive with my art work, my photography, and my writing, and because of this I have been. I have finished multiple episodes of a web series that Chubs and Chalmers is working on. They're all scripted and ready to go. I have a huge stack of finished art work for my portfolio, that I'm going to be working on in the coming weeks as money is getting less and less tight. I also have started a photography profile and will be blogging more often too. I'm really into the idea that hard work is the only way to get ahead, and over the coming months you'll see that I'm working the hardest I ever have in my life. I figure at this point, I'll sleep when I'm dead, retired, or forced to by a medical practitioner.

Anywho, new cartoon today, new photos to come.

Check it  (Click to view in detail)- 

Much love guys,


Answer: Very very busy.

I've been hiking, working, job hunting, creating, and writing. It's a lot to do, but totally been keeping my brain on happy mode.
I'd write out some heartfelt lovey-dovey stuff for ya'll but I'm going hiking to take some sunrise photos in a few hours and wanna finish all my prep work and relax with some streaming TV shows, so I will give you the bare bones update of what I have been up to whilst I have been missing. 

For starters I wrote the second issue of my article series which you can find HERE: http://news.deviantart.com/article/75730/

For seconders I started a photography account on DeviantART which you can find HERE: http://lephotagdeabnormal.deviantart.com/

Here's some pictures from the account I may not have posted here in the past (please click them to see them and click them again once they open to full view them, I would highly recommend full viewing the first one to get the real feel of it) -

Counter Attack - GO

Hope you liked those!

Also I posted the following new cartoons to my cartooning profile on DeviantART (click to view)-

And I hope you liked those too!

Besides that I've dropped twenty two resumes over the last weekend in my never ending hunt for a second job, had a lot of beers with friends, and finished another script to be filmed for the relaunch of my film collective's website. Not to mention I didn't even post all the cartoons I've done on here, you can find more new ones on that same cartooning profile though. I also have a bunch of photos to load onto my computer, and just cleaned my iphoto library so only the pictures I like and no duplicates remain. I went from well over 7000 to just over 4000. I'm pretty happy. I've also been cleaning my itunes library, and trying to sleep in between all of that. I'll be posting more regularly, I promise.

Best regards friends,

P.s. I'm still on twitter - http://twitter.com/Abnormous

What Life Has Come To

I realized just recently, that not too long ago I felt really blessed. I was always busy, had stuff to do all the time, and was surrounded by friends. I don't feel that way anymore.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not, I have no one to blame but myself. I've just noticed that I don't hear from the few friends I have who live around here anymore, and I dunno if that's because I'm kind of broke and don't go out anymore, or because I've spent so much time working on myself lately... or what. But I do know that I feel like the people I still maintain a close relationship with have all sprawled out in different directions. My best friend lives like an hour and a half or so away, and I'm too broke to visit him and he's too busy to visit often. My other best friend is about the same distance away for most of the week, I will admit I feel less lonely when he is in town though.

Meanwhile the other people who I've come to be really close with are either super busy, concentrating on their relationships, don't call me back very often, or live in another state. I feel kind of bummed and lonely about it, but I guess what I really want is to be active and busy again, to have people around me...

I dunno, it'd be nice though.

Much love,
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iTunes Quizzie Thing

For Funzies!! I get the impression this is supposed to be the soundtrack to a movie based on the life of the quiz taker!:

1. Open your music library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press Play
4. For the first question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... just type it in, man!

Opening Credits:
Bows + Arrows - The Walkmen

Waking Up:
Lover I Don't Have To Love - Bright Eyes

First Day at School:
The Pledge (DJ Goo Remix) - Saul Williams

Falling in Love:
Tallulah - Sonata Arctica

Losing Virginity:
Lullaby - The Cure

Fight Song:
Escape Pod For Intangibles - Hopesfall

Breaking Up:
Disintegration - The Cure

On and On and On - ABBA

Substance Abuse - Atmosphere

Mental Breakdown:
My Love Is Killing Me - The Red Elvises

Work This - MC Hammer

Holiday - The Get Up Kids

Getting Back Together:
Around The Fur - Deftones

Blood - Sons & Daughters

Birth of Child:
Illumination - Thievery Corporation

Final Battle:
Bring The Pain - Mindless Self Indulgence

Death Scene:
Vasoline - Stone Temple Pilots

Funeral Song:
I'm Da Man (Part Deux) - Psyche Origami

I have to say that is the most schizophrenic mix of music ever... That film would give me a headache. I'm not sure what that says about me, haha.


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Enough about me.

Tell me how all you are. Or an interesting fact about yourselves. I'd love to know. I think this could be fun. Hit me with whatever you've got. Limericks, Jokes, Stories, Emotions, Quick Updates, Fancy Facts. I'll be waiting!

Love Always,

P.S. New Cartoon (Click to see full image):